The climb to the top was worth it. Hua Hin coast line stretches before me.


Two cheeky monkeys sit on the hands of a statue in the temple grounds.

Top DJ mobbed!

I have been published (again) Being a big shot DJ I have had my top 10 printed in the local Observer magazine (hushed mumbling) As a result I am mobbed everywhere I go (I wish) You will be able to read it by clicking on the picture to make it bigger. Please get up off your knees now....

Thai Royal Navy

Ship ahoy! A Royal Thai Naval patrol boat moored on the fishing pier. If this was a British warship it would be scrapped on the spot. There was washing hanging on the rear deck if you please and are those flowers doing hanging on the forward guard rail?

Predatory Females

Which one of these two do you think is more predatory? If you answered the Praying Mantis then I strongly advise against a trip to Thailand! Ha ha ha.

Surf 102.5 fm

This is the 'Surf FM' studio from which I transmit myself into the ether. We have two computers one for music and the other for Internet streaming amongst other things. There are two mikes the second of which I use for my Saturday guest session's. I invite a local freak into the studio and play some of their favourite tracks, they then explain why they have chosen it. (no its not like desert island bloody disc's) We don't have a dedicated engineer so I have to run the whole thing by myself. It's good fun really. Now where's that obscure Zappa track.

Praying Mantis

This is Julian he comes to my local bar every so often for an iced tea. His English is not very good so he often sits alone, although he will attempt rudimentary conversation every so often. He can't eat very much as is visible in the upper picture as he is chowing down on one of his own legs!

Phoenix Bar

Girls from the 'Phoenix bar' ham it up. This bar is very near my house, I call in most evenings for the odd vat of red wine or two!

Halloween in Crawfords

Well Halloween has come and gone here in the 'Land of smiles (smells)' and a good laugh it was to! Above are some pics I took of the festivities outside my local Irish bar, where the Guinness and Kilkenny flow in large ammounts. One is of Da (she attends univercity here). The other is a group shot, note my scary mask!!

D.J Randy Cornhole

Those of you mad enough to want to hear me doing my rock show on 'Surf fm' can now do so due to internet technology. Go to - and click on the 'Listen' button. Its as easy as that! My show go's out on mondays, wednesdays and saturdays, 19.30 - 21.30. In the UK at present you are 7 hours behind so its on 12.30 - 14.30 which is not so good as most of you are at work. My D.J name is 'Randy Cornhole' (don't ask) Its mainly a rock show but I play pretty much anything really. If you want a request you can skype the station, details are also on the web site. If I have it I will gladly play it if I dont i'll try and download it for you. Oh by the way the internet connection server for the radio station is like everything else here, sparodic at best! if at first you dont get a connection try again on another day. Sorry but it's beyond my control.......Rock on.

All the photographs on this site were taken by me and as a result come with copyright conditions attached. Please ask before downloading anything. Thx.