If you ever travel to a warm climates you will at some point come into contact with CRITTERS! they may be small or they may be big (see previous picture posts) but they are out there. Now I'm not one to kill indiscriminately but I had sunk a few ales and this unlucky cockroach scared the bejesus out of me so he became pulp. Within 1 minute he became food for a posse of red ants who are constantly on for hunt for food. They will within 30 Min's have this unlucky blighter stripped down to his bare bones. The red variety will sting even us and indeed have a larger cousin (about 1 inch in length) who will devour human flesh! On the plus side they will have cleaned up the mess i created so a big Hussar to antus redus, long may you feast.


This is the beast that hauls my fat arse all over Hua Hin.
Trek 8500 frame, Mavic crossmax sl wheels, Fox shockers, Monkey lite cnt bars, Thompson elite seatpost, Chris King head set, Panaracer tubeless trailblasters and full XTR setup.... It all adds up to approx 9kgs. Sweet as my son.


Birthday flowers for the birthday boy! Well why the hell not. Wish you could smell them...Hmmm.
What a happy chappy they made me.

Filing system

The 22nd of April and my birthday! A lovely hot day to spend in the garden with a spread of fresh sea food and just in front of me my diet birthday cake with thirty candles (well i can lie its my birthday) on it.
I would like to thank everyone who made my stay back in England a happy one. I hope to see you all again next year hopefully a bit thinner!

Ipod whore

Heading back to sunny Thailand on the 19th of April arriving in Bangers on the 20th. I am looking forward to the sun as the bloody knee has flared up again. I'm wobbling around like an old man. Damn this cold weather.
I have purchased a shiney new 5G 60GB ipod whilst here and have been furiously downloading as many of my mates CD's as I can lay my grubby little hands on. So far I have about 400 albums, about 15 days worth of continious listning! Only 42GB left to fill.......!
I had forgotten how expensive it is to live in the UK a round of beers down my local runs to about £15. Get me back to cheap living before I go bust.

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