Bag Stander

Its classic car (and the odd bike) weekend here in Hua Hin. Above are a few beauties I shot in the afternoon. Love the Ducati and the Corvett cockpit.

Enforced drinking

Drink ya little bugger, chug a lug. Start them young I say. The eyes say it all!

City of tiny lights

This building is on a major junction in central Hua Hin and is resplendent with lights. Whats nice about it is the lights are all the same colour and give the impression of falling rain.


Look at this uniformed chap. I'm not sure what position he holds, probably just a security guard! but none the less he is impressively festooned with regalia.


How on earth can this dude see? Mind you it may improve his Thai driving skills.


Its biker week again so the big choppers are out. Here are some chapter names I snapped the other day. Quite funky me thinks.


The climb to the top was worth it. Hua Hin coast line stretches before me.


Two cheeky monkeys sit on the hands of a statue in the temple grounds.

Top DJ mobbed!

I have been published (again) Being a big shot DJ I have had my top 10 printed in the local Observer magazine (hushed mumbling) As a result I am mobbed everywhere I go (I wish) You will be able to read it by clicking on the picture to make it bigger. Please get up off your knees now....

Thai Royal Navy

Ship ahoy! A Royal Thai Naval patrol boat moored on the fishing pier. If this was a British warship it would be scrapped on the spot. There was washing hanging on the rear deck if you please and are those flowers doing hanging on the forward guard rail?

Predatory Females

Which one of these two do you think is more predatory? If you answered the Praying Mantis then I strongly advise against a trip to Thailand! Ha ha ha.

Surf 102.5 fm

This is the 'Surf FM' studio from which I transmit myself into the ether. We have two computers one for music and the other for Internet streaming amongst other things. There are two mikes the second of which I use for my Saturday guest session's. I invite a local freak into the studio and play some of their favourite tracks, they then explain why they have chosen it. (no its not like desert island bloody disc's) We don't have a dedicated engineer so I have to run the whole thing by myself. It's good fun really. Now where's that obscure Zappa track.

Praying Mantis

This is Julian he comes to my local bar every so often for an iced tea. His English is not very good so he often sits alone, although he will attempt rudimentary conversation every so often. He can't eat very much as is visible in the upper picture as he is chowing down on one of his own legs!

Phoenix Bar

Girls from the 'Phoenix bar' ham it up. This bar is very near my house, I call in most evenings for the odd vat of red wine or two!

Halloween in Crawfords

Well Halloween has come and gone here in the 'Land of smiles (smells)' and a good laugh it was to! Above are some pics I took of the festivities outside my local Irish bar, where the Guinness and Kilkenny flow in large ammounts. One is of Da (she attends univercity here). The other is a group shot, note my scary mask!!

D.J Randy Cornhole

Those of you mad enough to want to hear me doing my rock show on 'Surf fm' can now do so due to internet technology. Go to - and click on the 'Listen' button. Its as easy as that! My show go's out on mondays, wednesdays and saturdays, 19.30 - 21.30. In the UK at present you are 7 hours behind so its on 12.30 - 14.30 which is not so good as most of you are at work. My D.J name is 'Randy Cornhole' (don't ask) Its mainly a rock show but I play pretty much anything really. If you want a request you can skype the station, details are also on the web site. If I have it I will gladly play it if I dont i'll try and download it for you. Oh by the way the internet connection server for the radio station is like everything else here, sparodic at best! if at first you dont get a connection try again on another day. Sorry but it's beyond my control.......Rock on.

Good Luck

Yet another way of bringing 'Good Luck' You place a sum of lucky money twixt a piece of lucky wood, stick it in a lucky polystyrene egg sitting in a lucky brass pot outside a lucky building on a lucky chair whilst chanting a lucky prayer and wait, its as simple as that. If only....sigh.

Buddha's Galore

I came across this strange field of standing Buddhas the other day. It had a really eerie feel, they were all lined up in perfect diagonal lines and were all of the same type. Buddha knows what its supposed to signify? Was a bit overgrown though.

Pigmy Pony

A local beach rider contemplates a recent purchase with dismay. Not the large stallion he had been promised!


Small glasses of water, whiskey and other alcholic beverage's are left out every morning for the omnipitent one. This particular offering sits at the base of a pot plant and will surely bring the occupants good luck?

A locust called Richard

These Locust's are everywhere, they quite often smack into me when i'm out on the motorbike. Their legs are covered in tiny barbs so they sort of stick to you. Ripping them off usually results in them loosing one or all of their legs.....ugh! The one pictured above is about 6'' long. His name is Richard.

Contemplating Monk

A monk contemplates the meaning of it all whilst gazing out of a temple window.


I was sitting at my computer the other day and all of a sudden the whole house shook violently. The windows rattled the floor undulated and there was a horrible deep roar. Turns out there was an earthquake in Burma and we felt the tremor's here! It was in the Bangkok post the next day and it was reported to have measured 4.8 on the Richter scale. Yet another new experience to add to the list. Phew!

Queens Cup

It was a very fast 150k road race, above the winners and sponsors proudly stand with their respective trophy's. Look fit don't they.

Thai Girls

A group of Thai models pose for the cameras at the start of the 'Queens Cup' cycle race. I wanted to take part but a hamstring injury prevented my involvement. Still I got to take this picture so things weren't so bad!

Holy Tree

A tree of great significance, apparently. This tree must be sacred or some sort of holy brand? as it is decorated with loads of flower garlands in the Kings colour. I'll bet a pound to a penny it has something to do with good luck, most other things seem to be for the same reason.

I'm not going away

Some beach sellers are really persistent. The fact that this group of tourists are all swimming in the sea doesnt put this shawl seller off, she mearly shows her wares and waits patiently until they come ashore. No they didnt buy anything.

Bedecked Tuk Tuk

Saw this beauty the other day, flags everywhere, Union Jack seat cover and Coca Cola roof. The rider was equally colourful wearing white wellingtons and a yellow builders hard hat. Note the latest gel filled seat cover and plastic ducks hanging off the back axle.

Bangkok Bedlam

Downtown Bangkok, gridlocked as usual. Its not unusual to spend hours sitting in smoke filled traffic jams. Good job they have an overhead rail system which thank god is air conditioned!

Radio Show

Pray silence for DJ Randy Cornhole (my porn name) Yes indeed I now have a radio show on Surf fm 102.5 I am on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday's 7.00 - 9.00 pm I play pretty much anything but lean towards 70's rock, glam and heavy. Its great fun playing music I enjoy and talking over the airwaves. Rock on.......

Naughty Neon Nights!

Neon sign art. Go Go bar's at Nana district Bangkok. The girls inside have little or no clothes on! Whats all that about? They'll catch a cold bless their little virgin hearts.

Soi Cowboy

' Soi Cowboy' in the heart of the Bangkok red light district. Where all evil sinners descend for mass debauchery and suchlike. "You'll all go to hell and burn for eternity" Whoops that means me as well!

Seven Serpants

A seven headed snake encircles a Buddha statue atop a temple in Khao Tao. She has a remarkably calm expression for one about to be devoured by such a creature! Of course I may have it all wrong and the snake may be protecting her? Yes I think that's probably it.

Stormy Weather

Stormy sky's over Hua Hin beach as monsoon rain clouds move in. I think we may be in for a big one!

Blooming Beautiful

Took a picture of this beautiful flower at a temple in Khao Tao, it surely has been blessed by the lord Buddha.

Its a bloody man!

well no words can describe the above picture! Martin with a bona fida ladyboy!! He had a good time I'm sure. Lets leave it at that. Look at the nipples. Dear god.

Stuff it!

Might be a bit hard to make this one out, its a chap selling stuffed things. Things is the only word I can use to describe the tat on display here! All manner of felt shapes adorn his trolley, all totally useless. The Thai girls love them though.

Squids in

Whilst on the subject of street sellers this surly looking character is selling squid. It has been dried in the sun all day, he then heats it up in his little oven (shown left) squashes it flat with his mangle (green handle shown) and pop's it in a little newspaper packet. Hmmm delicious.

Buffalo boys go round the outside

This young chap sells food from his Buffalo bedecked motorbike. He has done well tonight as his food box is almost empty.

All the photographs on this site were taken by me and as a result come with copyright conditions attached. Please ask before downloading anything. Thx.