Me old flower

The lotus blossom in my garden pond has just decided to get off its lazy arse and bloom, it does this so rarely that I ran indoors, grabbed the trusty Canon and fired off a few shots while I could. Nice isn't it.....

The bees knees

Just take a look at these horrible buggers, Thai bees in a football seized huddle, in my garden no less. Makes my skin crawl just to type this. If they swarm I'll be miles away within seconds. Their sting apparently hurts like hell.

Hairy balls

Went for a tool around the local market this morning (Its so darn good to be back) to stock up on some pineapples, melon, guavas and some strange red hairy ball things called 'kno' (well that's the best translation I could come up with) The market is a veritable colour feast on the nose and eyes, above is a veggie stall. You could probably buy the whole caboodle for under 10 pounds. Put that in your expensive London pipe and smoke it....!

Devil's urine

I give you the Devil's urine, neatly following on from the Devil's fingers post, I'm a bastard of a wordsmith.
This unassuming bottle of 'Sangsom' is in fact Thai rum and has the ability to turn the drinkers legs to rubber, necessitating the aid of a big boys diaper. As you can see said bottle is half empty (half full if your an optimist) so having wobbled over to the table I am indeed sporting a pant liner and cork! Drinking the whole bottle renders the imbiber totally immobile, the same sort of effect as Mr Reeve attained by falling of his mount... All this for the princely sum of 225 bht (about 3 pounds sterling) Can't be bad can it? Oh yes it can, ha ha ha.....

Devils fingers

I noticed recently on a trip to England that cigarette packets are being sold with some pretty nasty images on them in an effort to put people off partaking of the Devils fingers. Here in Thailand this method has been employed for some time now. The images however are far worse, just take a look at these bad boys. Nasty or what!
However here a packet costs around 60p, in England the same packet will set you back a heart stopping 5.80 Now that's a good reason to quit if nothing else. Imagine Frenching matey shown bottom left! quick pass me the sick bag....

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