Wock & Woll

Never one to pass up the opportunity to see a good rock band, when a few of us happened across this group of rockers, we decided to stop. My girlfriend informed that they are a really big time wock band called 'BlackHead' (strange name) I kept on expecting the lead singer 'Poo' (another strange name) to explode in a fountain of yellow pus!
They weren't at all bad but when the bottles started flying, and heavily armed police moved in, we decided to head off. Shame as they had a really good sound...

Loy Krathong

Ladies, your best dresses please...

Loy Kratong is upon us once again. Its an evening of pomp and finery like no other. Above young ladies see old friends, and wait for their turn to join the procession.

Its a silk makers dream come true, there must have been hundreds of yards of the stuff, in every conceivable colour shape and design. A veritable feast on the eyes. Fantastic!!

I love this shot. I just caught her eye and she gave me a lovely smile. Its quite an honour to ride atop one of the floats. She must have been very proud.

I am not sure what the hell it says, but they weren't crying so it couldn't have been half bad...

Dragon Boats

Its the day of the great 'Dragon Boat' races.
(In Hua Hin anyway)

All the teams have been taken out of their box's and assembled. They are as ready as they will ever be. Young fit and eager to the point of no return, their bodies ripple with pride.
The boats sit waiting to be filled gently slapping in the still waters. Make no mistake these baby's tip over easy, you have to have the build of an Asian just to fit in one. I would sink one on my own were I ever tempted to venture twixt the gunnel's.

Its time for a damned good old fashion rousing sing song to boost team moral, but why the painted faces and lipstick?

Sweet lord we're off, paddle like the wind you buggers, for loosing means certain death at the hands of the 'you didn't try hard enough' Buddha!

Food chain

I happened upon this little drama whilst on the way to the beach the other day. It was a right old tussle, but to be honest I suspect the gecko never really stood a chance. I thought about stomping on them both, for I am higher in the food chain than they are, but decided to let nature take its course and take a photo instead...

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