Naughty Neon Nights!

Neon sign art. Go Go bar's at Nana district Bangkok. The girls inside have little or no clothes on! Whats all that about? They'll catch a cold bless their little virgin hearts.

Soi Cowboy

' Soi Cowboy' in the heart of the Bangkok red light district. Where all evil sinners descend for mass debauchery and suchlike. "You'll all go to hell and burn for eternity" Whoops that means me as well!

Seven Serpants

A seven headed snake encircles a Buddha statue atop a temple in Khao Tao. She has a remarkably calm expression for one about to be devoured by such a creature! Of course I may have it all wrong and the snake may be protecting her? Yes I think that's probably it.

Stormy Weather

Stormy sky's over Hua Hin beach as monsoon rain clouds move in. I think we may be in for a big one!

Blooming Beautiful

Took a picture of this beautiful flower at a temple in Khao Tao, it surely has been blessed by the lord Buddha.

Its a bloody man!

well no words can describe the above picture! Martin with a bona fida ladyboy!! He had a good time I'm sure. Lets leave it at that. Look at the nipples. Dear god.

Stuff it!

Might be a bit hard to make this one out, its a chap selling stuffed things. Things is the only word I can use to describe the tat on display here! All manner of felt shapes adorn his trolley, all totally useless. The Thai girls love them though.

Squids in

Whilst on the subject of street sellers this surly looking character is selling squid. It has been dried in the sun all day, he then heats it up in his little oven (shown left) squashes it flat with his mangle (green handle shown) and pop's it in a little newspaper packet. Hmmm delicious.

Buffalo boys go round the outside

This young chap sells food from his Buffalo bedecked motorbike. He has done well tonight as his food box is almost empty.

Eternal Candle

Giant wax candle used for Buddha only knows what? The burn time for this baby must be countable in months. Imagine carrying it up to bed though! If you fell asleep next to it you'd wake up set in a solid block of wax, Nasty.

Red Knob!

Flight deck of a tuk tuk resplendent with hanging things and good luck charms to ensure hassle free travel. Our captain was a jovial chap who nearly turned us all to pulp by overtaking cement trucks on blind bends. Apart from running out of aviation fuel once we all survived the ordeal. Note the red ejector knob twixt his legs, one sharp tug and he's 40 feet away, lying in some pineapple field while we hurtle towards certain doom.

Fire Brigade?

Right you can all rest easy in your beds tonight as the Thai fire brigade is on the case. With their high tech fire engine ready to roll at a moments notice, armed the teeth with all the latest fire fighting equipment we need not worry. Phew thank Buddha for that!

Big and angry as hell

Just take a look at these Red Ants. They are about half an inch long and will bite you given the chance. Believe you me it hurts! This is their home which they construct out of leaves held together with a mucus that they produce. This one is about the size of a toilet roll but I have seen some the size of basket balls.

Eat my nuts?

A local trader takes a rest in the heat of the afternoon sun whilst trying to sell boiled eggs and roasted peanuts, a strange combination for sure but there must be a need for it! This chap and many like him walk for hours selling all manner of goods, from brushes to bamboo ladders.

Pants filled with poo!

Came across this little beauty (actually a 4ft Golden tree snake) under the sofa in the front room! Scared the bejesus out of us. Dave got out his chopper and realised it meant getting in too close to use. From my vantage point on top of the sofa armed with an extremely long stick we coaxed it out the front door.
Thoroughly exhausted after this episode we retired for tiffin.
(guest written by Martin whilst visiting Thailand)

Fishy limes

'Limes, limes, who will buy my limes' A lady sits among her wares hoping to sell them to passers by. Don't think I'd buy the squashed ones though!


What is she thinking? Maby who is this whitey and why is he so hansom. Yea right.

The eyes, the eyes....

You looking at me son! Young farmer boys in Korat northern Thailand. Scared as hell of me and my camera they were, running like startled rabbits every time I raised the old Cannon. Ha ha ha.

Where the hell do you sit?

The 'Pineapple bikers club' Thailand take a close look at a pimpted ride during the Hua Hin bike week. It was a great few days, live bands, stacks of booze and of course plenty of motorbikes to look at.

Reflective moment

Bit of jiggery pokery here. This picture was taken across the bar using the mirror. If you click on the picture to make it bigger you may be able to make out the camera just to the right of the third tall wine glass. The coves in the picture? Why its me and Trevor of course.

Who stole my shorts!

Between diving for shell fish the fishermen wait on deck for their turn. I don't think these guys are Thai they look more like Burmese to me. The Thai's don't really like the Burmese as they are considerably poorer and as such more prone to getting money by any method possible. I bet they earn a pittance on these boats and have to work damned hard for it.

Why can't the captain just buy a bloody anchor?

Fishermen hang on a rope to regain strength before diving for shell fish or anything else they find. They dive unaided for up to 2 minuets before breaking the surface clutching aloft their hard earned prize. They are cheered on by their crew mates as shell fish or clams are a welcome change from fish.

Hua Hin fishermen

' Fishermen untangle their catch after a day at sea'

Who does he work for?

A trawl of fishermen (well I like the noun) repair their nets before embarking on another fishing trip. They weren't too happy to see me and my camera, probably because most of them will be illegal workers from neighbouring countries.

One out, one in

One boat in, One boat out. A calm but misty day at sea as a newly crewed boat, its nets repaired and fully loaded with provisions chugs out for a months fishing. The boat coming in with its nets draped over the sides no doubt holds a bountiful cargo of sea creatures, soon the be dispatched to nearby restaurants. These traditional Thai fishing boats are made by hand sometimes using wooden dowels instead of nails.

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