Wonky Donky

Wonderful vistas abound. Villages tacked to the side of mountains like.... well - villages tacked to the side of mountains. Wizzened and leathery Spaniards bent double, scurrying up slopes like rats up a drain pipe. The unmistakable smell of worried livestock. Terrified tourists negotiating mountain passes with eyes as big as saucers and white knuckles their newly rented cars already bearing the scars of miss judged corners and shunted donkey's.... Welcome to Espania!


Inside My friends newly acquired finca. A lot of work already completed but still a shed load ahead. Phew good luck Matt. Ready by September! are you sure?


My friends Finca, truly secluded and peaceful.
I would like to thank Matt, Olive, Sammy and Zadie for their kind hospitality and tasty food whilst we were there.

scary road

A seriously scary road going down to my friends Finca (house) It is just wider than a car and has a big drop off on the left!! I left finger sized indentations in the steering wheel every time I drove down it.

Seven of nine

One evening I happened upon this amazing cloud formation. I believe it may be a wormhole to another world and half expected to see a Borg cube emerge from within its vortex!


Every shop and market in Spain seem to have ham's dangling from the ceiling. The buggers are everywhere. Luckily they taste great in the form of tapas eaten in many local bars washed down with a few bottles of vino tinto (red wine)

Snow capped mountains

Got bored with England so rented a car and headed off to the 'Sierra Nevada' Mountains in Spain for a week with some friends.
Moi pictured taking a well earned rest from the stresses of Thailand and sunbathing!
Beautiful views but incredibly hairy women! what's all that about then?

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