Son of a beach

Well seeing as I'm going home for a while, thought I'd better get in some serious beach time to remind myself of why I'd better get back quick. This is a pic of moi relaxing in the sand whilst waiting for a wizened underling to bring me my chicken and rice....Ahhh.
I had thought about a swim, but the sea seemed just a bit too far away!

I got wood

What would you do with a large piece of driftwood that you found washed up on a local beach? You'd probably either burn it or turn it into some sort of Llewelyn-Bowen type of arty home sculpture....
Well the Thais in their infinite wisdom, hang coloured flags and Buddha flowers on it and turn it into some sort of shrine!
I kinda like the idea, looks pretty.

Firm stool

On the way to the beach with Joy today, I achieved 'rear flatdom' in other words, a puncture. Luckily we were near a chap armed with the tools and know-how to rectify such a problem.
I couldn't help but marvel at his little stool on which he sat. It is a motorcycle wheel rim, cut into 4 pieces, reversed and welded to a rear sprocket, and finally trimmed with a portion of drive chain......Fantastic eh!

Don't go Dabe.......

*** STOP PRESS ***
I will be arriving back it good old Blighty on the 21st of March, for a period not expected to exceed 90 Earth days.
Anyone wishing to imbibe copious amounts of alcohol with me, should make steps to contact me whilst I am there. It will be nice to see everyone again and drink some warm flat beer.
Please could you see to it that the weather is clement for my entire stay.
Many thanks, Dave (aka, Randy Cornhole)

Something fishy going on.....

I have to admit that apart from assembling the odd sandwich or tossing a salad, in 3 years I have never really cooked a meal here. Its so cheap to go out and eat. Look at this fine array of fresh sea fodder, all ready for dropping into boiling water and serving up with vegetables, rice or noodles. A plate of 'Gung' (tiger prawns) with rice will set you back about 2 pounds! Hmmm......

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