This young chap was so scared of me that he would cry and wet himself every time he saw me! I was the 1st westerner he had seen when I visited his village last year. Despite my best efforts he never got used to me......


Had a few of Nings family friends come down from Korat for a few days. This old Lady is 78 and up until the day I took this picture had never seen the sea!


Out one night and saw this stout chap dressed as a Red Indian if you please. Not sure why but why the hell not?

No feet!

Martin at a party I threw last year, looking at what appears to be a ghostly image? The Thais are very scared of Pii (ghosts) and all the girls were terrified, many wouldn't set foot in the bungalow again.....

Observe Grace

When moving to a new home you have to provide an offering to Buddha. This is to ensure good luck and happiness in your new abode.
Ning set this spread for the Omnipotent one when we moved in, it is also accompanied by some prayers. You can eat it after a period of grace has been observed.

Not real gold

'Golden Sitting Buddha' in Khao Tao. You have to climb a bit to reach it but it offers commanding views of the Hua Hin coastline.

David soul

A fishing boat on my local beach. The many flags flying from it are for good luck, not only for a good catch but for safety at sea. I cycle along this beach regularly and don't see a soul. Perfect, just the way i like it. Many of you ask why do i stay here...? This is why. Nuff said.

Horse with no name

A horse walking past my (former) front door with no owner present. Nobody takes any notice as this is not an unusual sight.

Story too long!

A very large (about 30 foot) scary statue of a black woman in the sea north of Cha Am beach. There is a story behind it but it would take me too long to write it here...

Bobbing of heads

Left to right - Noi, Som and Ning pay respects to a Hugh golden Buddha. Candles are lit, prayers are said. Its a truly holistic affair and a bit eerie to say the least. Those of you who come out here to visit me must be prepared to visit many such sites. Fantastic.

Monkey poo

Temple monkeys in Petchburi. Cunning and aggressive buggers and there are hundreds of them.

You need a boat

A day out at the floating market in Petchburi. A bit contrived but none the less worth a visit as it is a good experience.

Wild of hair and eye

A beach road that is one of my regular cycle routes. You must always watch out for the local dogs which are are varied in species and very aggressive. They come out of the undergrowth like missiles all wild of hair and eye!
None the less it is very picturesque and a joy to cycle along.

Heaven opened

The same scene as the picture below with a rain storm coming in. You cant see the mountains at all!


View from my (former room) window. You could see the black rain clouds forming over the mountains and hear the bells of the buffalo roaming below.


Lightning lights up the Hua Hin skyline during a monsoon storm. During the rainy season cloud bursts are common and soak you in seconds. Mind you, you are dry in as many seconds.

white tennis shoes

Burmese kids plead for money from visitors arriving by boat. Its easy to feel sorry for them but shortly after this picture was taken they all stuck two fingers up at us....!


On a trip to Myanmar formally known as Burma. I much prefer the name Burma as i do the name Siam over Thailand. Its always a diffucult trip as you get hounded by dozens of begging kids everywhere you go.


A market seller pitches her wares - in this case fruit. Note the makeshift lampshade.


Shopping at a local market. Note how an inverted fan draws the smoke away from the meat cooking. The smells and noise at these markets is overpowering but fantastic. The people although poor are so friendly.

Who am i kidding!

Just before the start of the 'Kings cup' mountain bike race. Little did i know what lay in store!
But i did finish and received a shiny gold medal for my troubles. The main problems were the intense heat and lack of water around the course.

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