Happy snapper

I don't consider myself a photographer, more of a opportune snapper really. The photo's on my site were taken using my trusty Canon powershot G5. Ive been using it for about two years now and it has never once let me down. I think generally the quality of the shots are rather good, but then again i am a tad biased. All the photo's are slightly tweaked in Adobe photoshop.

Crikey mate!

Took this picture whilst visiting a zoo a few months ago but forgot about it. I found it today and decided to post it up as i quite like it.
Wouldn't want to get anywhere near those teeth would you!

Alien craft

A whole mess of fishing boats litter Hua Hin harbour. They trawl out early evening and return in the wee hours, hopefully filled to the gunnel's with all manner of sea life for me to chow down on.
They have coloured lights which extend out on port and starboard booms. It looks as if the sea is filled with lots of little alien craft. All very funky.

Another beer my good man

Fon toc maak (heavy rain) again today so retired to a local street restaurant for some Thai food and a few ales. We are well into the rainy season now which to be honest brings welcome relief from the heat.
Just before it rains the heat builds up and is unbearable, I have pat lom (fans) placed at strategic points all over the baan (house).


This is the front cover of a typical Thai comic. The Thai people genuinely believe in 'pee' (ghosts) and its not hard to figure out why when this is the sort of stuff they read! Most of the Thai TV programs and films usually employ the same sort of imagery.

Frog mash anyone?

Being in the middle of the monsoon season these buggers are everywhere which is bad news for them as they get squished with horrific frequency beneath the wheels of cars and motorcycles........


June 2-4 is 'jazz on the beach' time in Hua Hin. This year Bill Bruford is playing live...woooo hoooo. Should be great while sinking a few cold ones. They build 2 huge stages on the sand with great light shows and a humungus sound system. I will post some pics after the event.

Port or starbucks

Thai warships in the exclusion zone in front of the Kings palace, ready to wisk him away should there be any trouble. I'm surprised they didn't use the small fishing boat in the foreground for shelling practise!

Fat Yanks

One of the many pier restaurants that jut out over the sea. I cant believe some of them are still standing as a lot of the timbers look as thin as match wood. Every time i eat in one of them i feel as if i want to crawl on the floor to spread my weight evenly.
It would only take one family of big arsed Mac Donald eating Americans to eat here and the whole lot would become drift wood.

Hand job

This young Thai lives in this hand cart with his small baby. He pulls it around all day and makes balloon animals which he sells in the evening hopefully to young children on holiday with their parents.


How Does all this work then? I cant believe the whole of Thailand doesn't go bang when it rains.
The workers who repair these use bamboo ladders and what look like farming implements, i cant bare to watch half the time.


OK the story go's as follows - knee 'cattle trucked' (fu**ed) so rest for 4 months... fair enough.
Back in Thailand and a mountain bike race comes up...Hmm me thinks I'll go in for it and take it easy!
Race starts with a parade through the town centre preceded by the Army, Navy and a brass band. Then we are unleashed with 15km to go... well i go like the clappers having not cycled for 4 months due to knee. I'm in about 15th place out of about 70 when i start to feel sick. Result i have to pull up 500mts short of the finnish and puke. Jeeze what a reality check. 4 months out and I'm shite!
I drink about 3 litres and troll back home at about 20kmh. Round trip was about 40kms which is chuff all.
I hope the knee is OK tomorrow? I'll let you know.

Rich tossers

'Gumball3000' runs from Phuket to Bangkok today (4/5/06) so they may pass through Hua Hin! I will pop into town later and try and get some pics. That is if they slow down enough! I expect many of them will fall prey to the Thai police.

P.S - Buggers went via the bypass thus missing the centre of town. would have made an amazing spectacle....shame on you.


Pissed as buffalo's!
Left to Right - Richard, Steve, Brian, Moi and Robbie.
another quite night in Hua Hin...sigh.

Big arse!

Having some big arse monsoon's at the moment due to storms coming in from China, Ning went out today to buy some rice and came back looking like a drowned rat! Still good for the garden.
Decided to give the old patella another weeks rest then I'm going to haul my fat old torso all over Hua Hin in a desperate attempt to shed some more kilo's.
Some people have asked me exactly where I am living? well if you look at the map on the left (you can click to enlarge) I am in Prachuapkhirikhan the thinnest part of Thailand which is on the right hand side below Bangkok.
I Have been listening to my new ipod a lot through the stereo, in fact the dulcet tones of Sir Elton John's 'Rocket Man' are emanating from the speakers even as I write this.
(sound of tremendous thunder clap occurs) If the rain keeps up I may be in for the evening....Hey ho.


This is Oberon his earthly image was presented to me on a birthday card by my brother. His picture makes me smile.
He is not very demanding and causes few problems, however he does smell and requires several bathing sessions per day. I believe he has a flatulence issue but feel unable to broach the subject due to our tenuous relationship. Being a stout chap as indeed am I, he needs regular exercise in which i assist by throwing his image violently around the room several times a day. This seems to calm him down and hopefully in time he will become svelte like and not break wind when he walks! Ladies and gentlemen i give you Oberon a study in grey.

All the photographs on this site were taken by me and as a result come with copyright conditions attached. Please ask before downloading anything. Thx.