Buffalo girls

Well it has come and gone and damned good it was as well. It went into labour at 21:00 and gave birth in a drunken stupor at 02:30....Hic..! I never understood a single word but the enthusiasm of the partisan Thai crowd carried me along on a wave of euphoria that meant it didn't matter one iota that I didnt have a clue what the hell was going on or what was happening. Top pic is of the disheveled Neil Young wannabe, Mr Carabow and below the young ladies That took care of me during the show. Left to right - Oi, Pong, Son and Joy.....ha ha ha. God I love it here.

For the love of doG........!

Dear god what have these people done to this poor poodle! It looks like it has been shot with lots of different paint ball guns....ha ha ha.

My arms you bastards...

This one turned out to be quite a nice Buddha image after the photoshop treatment.....!
I don't know what has happened to its arms or legs? Maby they just run out of money.

Lotus position

Well here we are, a bona fide picture of a lovely lotus blossom taken at a local temple with my humble camera. Then uploaded violently into 'Photoshop' to be hacked, re touched, sharpened, contrast leveled, re coloured and filtered to within an inch of its life. Voila, simple and true to life...........!!!!

Harvest moon

This is the ticket to have here in Thailand. Its for the legendary folk singer 'Carabow' He is a sort of wannabe Thai Neil Young. The concert is being held at a local music venue here in Hua Hin. I am lucky to get a ticket and only have it because I know a girl that knows someone who works there. Concert report and pictures to follow.

This little piggy went to market.....

Maby I have a thing about pigs heads, I don't know. This is the second pic of said item (see earlier shot, quite a way down) Looks like he was a stout chap, now his innards lie in bags beside him....Nice!

Bad motor scooter

I wait patiently as the 'Bangkok - Yala' train speeds through Hua Hin. Come on, come on, the bars are open.

Red buttons

Designer jeans for your little one, only 69 baht (that's 1 pound sterling to you and me) why pay more for the real thing it's probably made over here anyway!

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