Queens Cup

It was a very fast 150k road race, above the winners and sponsors proudly stand with their respective trophy's. Look fit don't they.

Thai Girls

A group of Thai models pose for the cameras at the start of the 'Queens Cup' cycle race. I wanted to take part but a hamstring injury prevented my involvement. Still I got to take this picture so things weren't so bad!

Holy Tree

A tree of great significance, apparently. This tree must be sacred or some sort of holy brand? as it is decorated with loads of flower garlands in the Kings colour. I'll bet a pound to a penny it has something to do with good luck, most other things seem to be for the same reason.

I'm not going away

Some beach sellers are really persistent. The fact that this group of tourists are all swimming in the sea doesnt put this shawl seller off, she mearly shows her wares and waits patiently until they come ashore. No they didnt buy anything.

Bedecked Tuk Tuk

Saw this beauty the other day, flags everywhere, Union Jack seat cover and Coca Cola roof. The rider was equally colourful wearing white wellingtons and a yellow builders hard hat. Note the latest gel filled seat cover and plastic ducks hanging off the back axle.

Bangkok Bedlam

Downtown Bangkok, gridlocked as usual. Its not unusual to spend hours sitting in smoke filled traffic jams. Good job they have an overhead rail system which thank god is air conditioned!

Radio Show

Pray silence for DJ Randy Cornhole (my porn name) Yes indeed I now have a radio show on Surf fm 102.5 I am on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday's 7.00 - 9.00 pm I play pretty much anything but lean towards 70's rock, glam and heavy. Its great fun playing music I enjoy and talking over the airwaves. Rock on.......

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