So not Soho!

Soho is not what it used to be and thats a fact! When I was a young pubesent teen with testosterone leaking out of every orafice I used to visit the area together with a few mates. We would gape in awe at the sex shops wondering what was inside but never quite having the courage to enter those dim portals. Occasionally a figure hurridly emerged sheilding himself from the outside world as if afraid of being seen. The blinds would part tantalisingly offering a glimpse into a world of strange magazines and rubber things.
If we had a few bob spare we would invest it in a 5 minute peep show. You would enter through a darkened door, proceed down a corridor and into your own private little cubicle. You would then place your money into a slot and voila a little window would drop down revealing a female form in a state of undress gyrating to some sensual 70's sounds. If you glanced around the room you would see lots of pairs of eyes staring back at you.
If you were lucky she was facing you, and you caught a glimpse of pubic hair, if not all you saw was her back...
After 5 very short minuts the shutter would drop down with a thud and you were left feeling deflated and strangly enough unable to move your feet which had become stuck to the floor. Ugh!!
Sadly thats all but gone now. Sure there are a few ladies offering favours for money and of course there are a few sex shops. But it has changed a lot, or perhaps iv'e just got older?

half an X file

I happened across this little melee last week. It was the west end premier of the new X-Files film 'I want to believe' It was utter chaos, but undeterred I thrust my camera toward the general direction of the screams (allowing for the doppler effect of course) and fired off a few shots in the hope I may capture big kahuna, David Duchovny himself. As you can see I did. Can you see him? do you care?
I want to believe I really do, trouble is I don't!

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