Air shed

Even your average hairy arsed builder needs a shed to retire to now and again and so what if he is 40 feet up a scaffold pole at work?

He needs a place to house his lad mags collection. A place to contemplate life and what to have for breakfast. A place to just be at one with his inner child.

I give you the 'Air shed'. No real man can be without his...

Pavement artist

Just checkup yourself day by day... Wise words indeed from this cheeky pavement artist but I doubt this method would be possible by any living human being other than one of those incredibly bendy Chinese circus performers!

I have seen this picture before on the net, but seeing it 5 feet high in living colour somehow made it seem more real. Its a hideous thought. How does one breath? Perhaps not a good idea as the smell would be a bit over powering.

What is uncanny is the fact that the artist must have met my old boss as the likeness is amazing...!

6 nations rugby

Its been a while since I've been to Twickenham so when some free tickets presented themselves there was no choice. I felt it my duty bound to attend.

The occasion was the opening game of this years 6 nations and England's opponents were Italy. It was a bitterly cold day but 4 compulsory pre match pints of Guinness gave me the required warm glow that only alcohol can provide.

This was the first time I'd attended with the new south stand alterations, and I have to say now for the first time to me Twickers looks complete. It will now seats 82,000 supporters but believe you me tickets for the big games are as rare to get hold of as rocking horse shit! My free one had a face value of £71 would you believe.

The final score was a pleasing England 36 Italy 11

Frozen fountain

I recently came to a rather startling conclusion. I wasn't built for the cold. Its taken me over 40 years to realise the fact but realise it I have.
We all assume that we acclimatise to where we were born and live. Rubbish! don't you believe it. Having lived in hot countries for the last 5 years and now having endured 8 months back in England I now know that I hate the cold with a living passion the like of which I have never known before.

One of the kick backs of living in a cold climate is the fact that I have lived in London for most of my life and I hardly know my neighbours? Sure I know their names (ish) I will pass them every now and again on the street and nod, but I don't really know them. If you know what I mean. Which is sad.
I have lived in Thailand for 5 years and not only do I know my neighbours but I know nearly everyone around me for a 500km radius. This is because when it is hot you tend to live outside, when it's cold the truth is you don't.

So my advice to you all is - live outside and have a community based happy life. Which pretty much means if you live in a cold climate and aren't a hobo. Move...

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