Good Luck

Yet another way of bringing 'Good Luck' You place a sum of lucky money twixt a piece of lucky wood, stick it in a lucky polystyrene egg sitting in a lucky brass pot outside a lucky building on a lucky chair whilst chanting a lucky prayer and wait, its as simple as that. If only....sigh.

Buddha's Galore

I came across this strange field of standing Buddhas the other day. It had a really eerie feel, they were all lined up in perfect diagonal lines and were all of the same type. Buddha knows what its supposed to signify? Was a bit overgrown though.

Pigmy Pony

A local beach rider contemplates a recent purchase with dismay. Not the large stallion he had been promised!


Small glasses of water, whiskey and other alcholic beverage's are left out every morning for the omnipitent one. This particular offering sits at the base of a pot plant and will surely bring the occupants good luck?

A locust called Richard

These Locust's are everywhere, they quite often smack into me when i'm out on the motorbike. Their legs are covered in tiny barbs so they sort of stick to you. Ripping them off usually results in them loosing one or all of their legs.....ugh! The one pictured above is about 6'' long. His name is Richard.

Contemplating Monk

A monk contemplates the meaning of it all whilst gazing out of a temple window.


I was sitting at my computer the other day and all of a sudden the whole house shook violently. The windows rattled the floor undulated and there was a horrible deep roar. Turns out there was an earthquake in Burma and we felt the tremor's here! It was in the Bangkok post the next day and it was reported to have measured 4.8 on the Richter scale. Yet another new experience to add to the list. Phew!

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