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Two Years Today.
I cant believe its been two years to the day (29th June 2004) since I closed the door on my London residence, said farewell to all my family and friends, hoisted my rucksack onto my back and headed off to the airport clutching a cheap one way ticket to Greece. I had absolutely no firm plans further than that.
The last two years have not only changed the way I think but also the way I view other people and cultures.
Having visited and met the people in such places as Spain, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Siberia, China, Myanmar (Burma), and Thailand I have become truly enriched. I still have lots of places I want to see and hope over time to visit as many as I can.
All the best,

Smell the dead

This is a typical Thai crematorium. They are usually located just outside of the village. There is a small door located at the front which is just large enough to slide the coffin in.
The chimney is built tall enough so as to keep the smell away from local noses.

So long buddy

Yes indeed a moments silence please.
Alan has passed away. (i had mentioned him in earlier dispatches) I found him today wearing a red ant overcoat! His little legs tucked up behind him, his head solemnly bent to one side. I have no idea how his untimely demise came about but i mourn his passing with great sadness.
No longer will he scare the living bejesus out of me whilst i am gardening or watering the grass. At least i think it's Alan as to be honest they all look alike to me. R.I.P buddy.

Nice eh?

Ning and Ling (Ning is the larger of the two)

Foliage of a red nature

Deep red foliage dresses this tree inside the old palace grounds. It stands out because all the other trees around it are devoid of any colour at all.
Truly stunning.

Big Buddha

A huge Buddha image dominates the skyline 30kms south of Hua Hin. It is surrounded by temples bursting at the seams with orange clad monks who continually prey and offer blessings. You may be able to see a few pairs of shoes at the bottom of the steps, these have to be removed before ascending to the top. Its quite a sight to behold.

Monkey nipples

A baby ling (monkey) takes a drink from its mother. There are thousands of these creatures around various temples in Thailand. They are generally well behaved but can be aggressive when agitated.
They usually sell bananas nearby so you can feed them, which i suppose is why they gather in such large numbers.

Toilet humour

A row of Thai houses line the shore. They barely look able to support their own weight.
And as for the toilets, well you can imagine where it goes can't you!

Eerie feeling

Strange headless Thai statue with two head options beside it? There must be a story behind this. Maby this particular entity fell from Buddha's grace and locals descended upon it with furious anger. It does somehow have a faintly eerie feel to it.

Mahoot hut

Mahoot (elephant trainer's) hut in Hua Hin. Actually taken whilst aboard a living elephant. Looks a tad basic doesn't it. Must be hell trying to keep cool as there is no electricity and i bet the mossies feast heartily.

Nelsons Length

Bit out of context this picture, found it whilst browsing past pics and it reminded me of home. Looks a bit cold, brrrr......ha ha ha.

'Nelsons column' London, England.

Biblical Tractor

Typical farm vehicle probably dating back to biblical times. Adorned with lucky Buddha colours and various lights.
These beasts of the road sound like untuned jet aircraft, are revved to oblivion and beyond and pump out enough smoke to put a Dickensian London smog to shame.
Amazingly enough for all that they only achieve about 20kph.


Reminiscent of a scene from some violent Robert De Niro film.
(deep guttural Bronx voice) "Hey Rocco, looks like 'Johnny the pig' finally got whacked"

Haggered mush

If a face could tell a thousand stories! and you think you have a hard life?

'Lady farmer' Korat.

MTV Asia

'MTV Asia' ladies on beach assignment. Not a bad job if you can get it.


Bill Bruford's sax player achieves 'Out of body wobbledom' during a particularly frenetic solo. Must have given him one hell of a headache in the morning!

Morris men on acid!

Went to the first night of 'Jazz on the beach' last night. What a fantastic evening, Bill Bruford's (ex Yes and King crimson) Earthworks were superb. The whole atmosphere was electric. Watched one band of Thais leaping about all wild of shirt and trouser, flailing sticks to a jazz stylie beat like a bunch of Morris Men on acid! More tonight please.....


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